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The Best Outback Sunsets to Witness in Queensland

The Best Outback Sunsets to Witness in Queensland
on 14 March 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

Ah, Mother Nature. We certainly do it well, don’t we?

From mountains and red earths to lush green forests and striking water bodies, Outback Queensland certainly has a sense of unique, Australian charm to it. Natural beauty is what strikes the wonder and curiosities of those who travel to these parts of the nation, in search for their very own Outback Australian adventure, set amongst some of the most magnificent landscapes and sceneries ever known.

A magical hour wedged in between time and space, as the sun dips low while the skies melt into shades and waves of pink and purple. It is a slice of time that feels so surreal, especially when you’re positioned in one of the best spots in Outback Queensland for a sunset view.

Nature lovers, this one's for you. Grab your sense of adventure and discover the photographer in you.

Oh, and don’t forget to pack yourself some goodies, such as some chilled drinks, a picnic rug, some snacks, and good company, to seal this moment in time to be a memory never forgotten.

1. Lake Moondarra

It isn’t very often you’ll find a lake surrounded by spectacular scenery in the middle of Outback Queensland.

Well, Lake Moondarra certainly stands out in that regard.

Nestled among the red earthy plains of Mount Isa, there aren’t many other places that offer fantastic water views, cool breezes, and wonderful nature surroundings.

Take a walk across the dam before the sun sets, or bring enough light and enjoy the majestic views of the whole lake from there as you watch the beautiful dusky colours flutter in.

Admire the beautiful bird wildlife including pelicans, roosters, and even peacocks, that roam freely about the lake. 

The real stunner is the sunset. Promising colours like you’ve never seen, reflected on the water surface, giving you a mystical feeling, a sighting is truly an experience.

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2. The Big Red

A towering sand dune that is a staggering 40 metres high, it certainly lives up to its name – a bright red dune. Nestled 37 kilometres from Birdsville in the Simpson Desert, there are 1,140 sand dunes in total, making this place an absolute four wheel drive dream.

Pack your picnic rug, and admire the blazing red sun as the sun dips into the desert horizon. To enhance your experience, time your visit during the Big Red Bash, which is the world’s most remote music festival happening this 6 to 8 July 2021. 

3. The iconic Mount Isa Lookout

Touching back to this beautiful city of romance, Mount Isa has sweeping views of Outback Queensland that resembles the best of this nation.

The Mount Isa Lookout gives you the opportunity to appreciate the township, which is one of the most productive single mines in the world to date. Be taken away by the astonishing 360 panoramic views of the mines, including Mary Kathleen mine, the town, and the greater beyond.

Watch as dusk sets, as the purple and pink hues of colour dance among the skies. Be mesmerised with the twilight as you bask underneath millions of stars that fill up the Aussie Outback.

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4. Mount Slowcombe Lookout

Red dirt plains are a symbol of Outback Queensland, which gives the Mount Slowcome Lookout its attraction. Among the red dirt, you’ll find the contrasting, towering Yang Yang Ranges as well as the surrounding grazing regions. The scenery is beautiful, which sets the mood for a beautiful sunset.

5. Harry’s Hill at Boodjamulla National Park

An iconic national park, a visit to the Boodjamulla National Park is a must for nature lovers travelling in the region. 

Here, the sun is known to put on a magnificent display of candy coloured hues matched with bright and vibrant reds, pinks and yellows, that will bring life to the skies above. Be captivated with the views of dusk and twilight as the night sky takes over for a jaw dropping display of galactic proportions.

Banner image credit: Lotus Caravans