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Planning a Destination Wedding in the Outback

Planning a Destination Wedding in the Outback
on 15 July 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

So your partner has popped the question and you've said yes. The next big question is, where are you getting married? 

Brides and grooms from all over Australia are flocking along with the trend of having a destination wedding in Outback Queensland. Why? An unforgettable wedding in an unforgettable location among unforgettable scenery.

Think red earth grounds among grassy plains and amazing sunsets that will take your breath away. It’s time to explore the iconic Outback Queensland while you plan a fantastic destination wedding to be remembered.

Choosing your location

Outback Queensland is big, which is why you need to decide where in the Outback you plan on getting married. 

An Outback wedding is focused on making the most of Australia’s beautiful country landscape. And no better place signifies the sense of Aussie romance and cowboy boots than Mount Isa.

Spoil yourself with the luxuries of Mount Isa and host your wedding at the Redearth Boutique Hotel. Not many hotels are able to accommodate a full wedding planning service in Mount Isa backed by years of experience in creating intimate memories that are simply magical.

Guaranteeing a unique experience for you and your guests, the team at Redearth Hotel understand that every wedding is unique, and are determined to make your vision come true. Each customisation of every detail just the way you want it. 

The wide range of function rooms allow for flexibility when planning your wedding. The hotel has the ability to cater breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a capacity that ranges from 80 guests for sit-down dining to 120 guests in a standing cocktail party. 

Get the best advice from a dedicated professional functions manager, who will tailor a package to suit your dream wedding. Back this with highly experienced waitstaff and bar service, followed by spectacular room decorations, and even your very own honeymoon spa suite at a reduced price of $99 on your wedding night (retailed at $269), and you have yourself the whole package.

And if there aren’t enough reasons as to why you should plan your wedding in Outback Queensland, think about the costs you’re saving when compared to having it in a metropolitan environment.

Try to make a trip beforehand

Where possible, it pays off to check out the place before your wedding date. Book some flights for you and your loved one, and check your Outback Queensland destination out.

From assessing whether the location looks as good as it does in pictures, to comparing venues and vendors firsthand, you won’t have to rely on internet reviews to make a decision once you experience things for yourself. Visiting in advance will help you determine whether the place is right for you, especially before you start putting down deposits to book venues and vendors.

Think about your guests

A destination wedding requires time and money, and not just to you and your family, but to your guests as well.

Be considerate of your guests and give them as much time in advance to plan for travel arrangements, accommodation, and attendance. Giving a heads up on dates and location will help tremendously, and once you have your venue and hotel dates booked in, let your guests know the plan. 

Standard etiquette is to give people a heads up at least 6 to 12 months ahead of the big day for destination weddings. 

Decide on a dress suitable for the weather

When planning an Outback Queensland wedding, it’s important to pick a wedding dress that suits the climate. 

With Outback Queensland, the weather can be temperamental, which is why it will pay to do some research to make sure you are comfy on your big day. For example, tropical climates will call for dresses that are breathable, so avoid fabrics like satin which don’t do well in humidity. 

Choose a wedding photographer

Local wedding photographers are more affordable given they won’t have to travel for your wedding, so try and source for one beforehand.

When looking for a wedding photographer, check out their portfolio to identify if you love their style based on photos they have previously shot. It’s important that you like their style and not request them to change it to something you like, as a photographer’s style depicts their abilities, and they may not be able to replicate another style due to seeing and shooting things differently.

Remember, your wedding happens once, meaning you can’t re-shoot it. So you have to be sure that you love the style of your wedding day photographer before you engage in their services.

Other useful pointers include getting along with the photographer, especially since you will be seeing them up close and personal throughout your important day. Having a photographer you feel comfortable with, and one that can make you smile, will make you feel so much better, and your wedding will naturally be more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to have a destination wedding in Outback Queensland, get in touch with the Redearth Boutique Hotel team by calling (07) 4749 8888 or email them today.

Banner image credit: Bride Magazine