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Warm Up in These Queensland Hot Springs

Warm Up in These Queensland Hot Springs
on 01 August 2021 in Travel & Lifestyle

With the climate still slowly creeping out of winter, the weather can still be chilly enough to make you wish that you could be soaking in a hot bath all day. 

And what better way to enjoy the warmth of a hot bath than amongst nature? Dip your toes and submerge your whole body into a natural hot spring surrounded by nature and the wilderness. There truly isn’t a better way to relax your body, mind and soul, while keeping warm in the cold. 

Talaroo Hot Springs

Uniting one of Outback Queensland’s most spectacular geological wonders, the Talaroo Hot Springs brings to life the story of Aboriginal culture of the Ewamian people. Deep in the heart of Gulf Savannah, lies the surreal landscapes of pools and terraces, filled with vivid colours and magnificent formations that create an extraordinary backdrop that will astound any visitor that sets their eyes upon it.

The formation itself dates back over millions of years ago (approximately 65 million years old), making the Talaroo Hot Springs a unique site in Australia. Watch as water discharges at a scorching 62 degrees Celsius, while it flows and ebbs into pools and terraces spread across the mound. The life that the hot springs bring to the area is phenomenal, acting as a home to aquatic plants and creatures you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.

The Talaroo Hot Springs is one of Queensland’s newest tourism experiences having opened on 26 June 2021 after months of construction. Experience the hot springs with guided tours of the landscape, sinking into its waters, or exploring wildlife on walks to the Einasleigh River.

The hot springs is located a decent 360 kilometres west of Cairns, and can be found between Mount Surprise and Georgetown. The Talaroo Hot Springs is the only known thermal hot spring that is tiered with terraces and pools of different levels, creating a magical landscape that is simply awe-inspiring.

Experiences offered at the attraction include the Hot Springs Discovery Tour, stargazing, self-guided walks, a nightly Yarning Circle, and the opportunity to book private soaking sessions. 

The site hosts 16 powered and 14 unpowered sites with full amenities including a camp kitchen, reception, gift shop and small kiosk.

Julia Creek Bath Houses

A collection of Outback style baths that are utterly unique and one of a kind, the Julia Creek Bath Houses is a must experience for travelers and wanderers looking to be a part of something special.

Featuring private bath houses that have two claw-footed baths within, you and your partner can indulge in the experience with a cheese platter and a beautiful glass of wine. The attraction is in the open concept of the bath houses, allowing you to set your eyes upon the spectacular Outback scenery. Watch as the sun sets over the Australian Outback and try your luck at catching a glimpse of some wildlife as you submerge yourself in warm comfort.

There are four bath houses, all of which are open concept and have two single claw-footed baths in them. The uniqueness of the experience is amplified as you learn that the baths are filled with steaming hot water directly from the Great Artesian Basin. The artesian water comes from inside the earth, and is confined and pressurised generally around 38 to 41 degrees Celsius. The water is extracted from bores over 900 metres in depth, and is said to have an abundance of healing and general wellbeing properties due to rich minerals including magnesium, sulphur and calcium.

Many travellers come from hundreds of kilometres away to experience this spectacle, and simply shouldn’t be missed when in the area. Enjoy the amazing sunsets, Outback landscape, and even take your chance to stargaze in a hot bath.

When visiting the Julia Creek Bath Houses, you’re more than likely to also make a visit to Mount Isa, being just under a 3 hour drive away. 

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