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5 Things to Do These Easter Holidays

5 Things to Do These Easter Holidays
on 01 March 2021 in Events & Entertainment

With so much time on your hands, it’s time to get busy with the kids these Easter holidays. Here are our top 5 things to keep your tribe entertained around the Isa region.

1. Mount Isa Family Fun Park

If there’s one way to make the most of outdoor fun that will have your kids preoccupied for the entire day, it’s the Mount Isa Family Fun Park.

It’s the largest playground in Queensland, making it a must-do on any kid’s bucket list. Guaranteeing a full day filled with fun, learning and discoveries, be sure to pack a hearty picnic for the kids and lots of water for hydration. There are free barbecue pits available to use as well as plenty of shade to enjoy a feast. You could whip up a barbie while sipping back some drinks as the kids are off playing at the water park.

When it comes to the fun, enormous grassy green spaces await some running action, with several bike tracks for exploration, several different play areas all covered in soft fall rubber ground for safety, quality play equipment for both junior and senior play areas that are well maintained, a massive water park with more than 20 different installations to play with, a sensory garden purposed for interaction and stimulation, a double flying fox that spans 20 metres long, and more.

Don’t forget to bring along some chocolate Easter eggs for the kids, especially since it is after all the Easter long weekend.

The park is located on Church Street and is open everyday from 9am to 9.30pm, except on Wednesdays when the park is open from 3pm to 9.30pm for cleaning.

2. Mount Isa Go Kart Club

For the upcoming Easter holidays, why not let your kids zoom instead of hop? Pack things up with a punch full of adrenaline and head to the Mount Isa Go Kart Club on Duchess Road for some exhilarating fun this long Easter weekend.

The Club is a non-profit organisation filled with a passion for go karting. You can expect the tracks here to be well built, long, and complex, thanks to the spacious grounds owned by the Club.

Kids don’t need a driver’s licence to go kart, meaning that little ones as young as 6 can get behind the wheel to experience the fastest moment of their lives (until they learn how to drive). Not to worry, when it comes to safety, the Mount Isa Go Kart Club are on top of it, with full safety procedure run downs and protocols in place to ensure fun and safety at all times.

Beyond the exhilarating speeds, go karting is a great way to teach your kids about road safety and being responsible on the road. It also helps them improve their ability to react quickly under pressure, and to make smart decisions when put to the test. Whether it’s staying on the right side of the track or maneuvering around it, the skills developed as a result of go karting will improve hand eye coordination and judgment. Situational awareness will also be heightened as they can’t just focus on themselves anymore, but are forced to be observant about what’s happening around them.

In other words, the more practice they do, the more it will help them when they finally get behind a real car steering wheel. 

Oh, and just so you know, go karting could be a family involvement, where you could hop into a go kart yourself and be part of the excitement! Turn this Easter holiday activity into a family fun day and create memories that will be fondly reminisced upon for years to come.

3. Lake Moondarra

Located only 17 kilometres north of Mount Isa's city centre, Lake Moondarra is a water oasis nestled in Outback Queensland. Offering a refreshing break from the desert heat, take this chance of Easter holidays to bring the kids for a swim in the lake, to play some water sports such as canoeing, sailing or boating, and even to go for a fish – living up to the Easterness of Good Friday.

Several picnic areas with plenty of shady trees for coverage, public facilities as well as barbecue pits that are free to use, make Lake Moondarra a great place to relax and bring the kids during the Easter holidays.

4. Hunt for a bargain 

Instead of hunting for Easter eggs this year, why not hunt for a bargain with the family instead? 

There’s nothing like a good feast of a bargain. Fill up your bellies this Easter Sunday 4 April at the Rodeo Bar and Grill's spectacular Sunday breakfast buffet. The all you can eat 'eggs-travaganza' will have the family bursting with satisfaction so get in early and secure your seats.

As part of the buffet, we'll be offering all of the classics, like bacon, eggs, pancakes and even a few chocolate eggs. This bargain is simply irresistible!

5. Spoil the Family

Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and potential travel restrictions, why not spoil the family with a staycation at the Redearth Boutique Hotel this year?

Check into your accommodation and be spoilt with lavish comfort and first class service. A wide range of options are available that are capable of sleeping up to 4 people, such as the Sofa Suite and the Presidential Suite.

Experience the best Mount Isa accommodation by heading to the Redearth Boutique Hotel these Easter holidays.