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5 Tips for Getting into Shape this Summer

5 Tips for Getting into Shape this Summer
on 01 November 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle

With the extra time we’re getting as a result of the recent lockdowns and restrictions, why not put it to good use by getting into shape for summer?

Summer is just around the corner and despite the heat waves and increasing temperatures coming in, hope is not lost and there is still time to get yourself looking ready to hit the beach.

Not only does looking beach fit look good, it also has a huge positive impact on your self-esteem, energy levels and health. 

Planning your attack

It’s no secret that getting fit requires a fair bit of strategizing and understanding what you’re up for in the coming weeks.

Many people fail with getting into shape due to their failure to stick with an exercise routine or plan. Identical daily workouts or going into the gym without a plan or fitness goal just doesn’t help with getting great results.

If you want to hit a fitness goal, having a 12 week program will help substantially as it gives you enough time to visibly see the changes while your body transforms. 

You are what you eat

One of the most important factors to consider when working to get fit is your diet. After all, the saying “you are what you eat” stands true in this context.

A good balance of vegetables, lean meat and healthy fats is what you need to improve your health, strength and wellbeing. Fitness experts have dubbed this as the 70:30 rule where 70% of what you eat and 30% of how you exercise has a direct impact on your health, fitness and wellbeing. 

Avoid skipping any of the main three meals of the day. Although breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, lunch and dinner are just as important as they give you the opportunity to eat the necessary vegetables, protein and healthy fats. It's all about making healthier choices, reducing refined sugar intake and avoiding junk food.

If you aren’t great in the kitchen and happen to be in Mount Isa while working on improving your shape for summer, check out Redearth Boutique Hotel’s ready-made lunch and dinner options that do not compromise on deliciousness. Fresh quality ingredients, the meals are ready to be heated and eaten. 

To ensure that these meals are on-point with fitness goals, Redearth Boutique Hotel has partnered with F45 Training who has a successful record of life-changing body and lifestyle improvements.

Check out Redearth Boutique Hotel’s page on F45 Ready-Made Meals for more information.

Leaving your diet to professional chefs paired with successful trainers allows you to give yourself the best opportunity to become your best self. 

Stay hydrated

As summer approaches, it’s essential to stay hydrated at all times to help your body regulate its temperature as well as appetite to maximise fat burning capacity.

The aim is to drink at least 2 litres of water every day – and that doesn’t count mixed drinks like tea or coffee. 

Gym in the morning

It’s easier to get your workout routine out of the way first thing in the morning as it gives you no opportunity to make up excuses or lose motivation throughout the day to not train later. Other benefits of gyming early in the morning include eating healthier as you the endorphins from your session will help you make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day.

Mix up your workouts 

To keep things exciting, vary your workouts to make things feel more fun than work.

Balancing cardiovascular exercise and weight training is essential to help challenge your body reaping higher rewards. Adding a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session a few times a week will work well with alternate sessions focusing on lifting weights. 

Do it for you 

At the end of the day, every bit of sweat you make is one step closer to feeling great. It isn’t just about how good you will look on the beach, it’s really just a perk that comes with the boatload or energy and confidence you gain from getting in shape.