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Your Guide to Escaping the Mount Isa Heat in Summer

Your Guide to Escaping the Mount Isa Heat in Summer
on 15 December 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle


Summer is just around the corner, and with temperatures that can get as high as 40 degrees Celsius day after day, you certainly don’t want to be caught out in the open on a hot, sunny day.

Here are some ways to escape the Mount Isa Heat this summer.

The Mount Isa Underground Hospital and Museum 

A great way to escape the heat is to head underground. With the cool temperatures beneath that will keep you from feeling hot and bothered, being in the Mount Isa Underground Hospital and Museum will also keep you entertained throughout your day.

The history about the Mount Isa Underground Hospital runs deep as a resulting need for underground shelter during the Second World War to protect from aerial bombings. Efforts to push for the development of an underground hospital were made upon the devastating bombing of Darwin in 1942. As a result of defending the tip of Australia from invasion, there was a massive influx of thousands of Australian and American troops in North Queensland.

Delve into this masterpiece of Mount Isa history and learn about the significance it played during times of hardship and war. The museum displays plenty of equipment and tools used during the time.

Hard Times Mount Isa Tour

Heading underground once again, the Mount Isa Mines will keep you cool from the summer heat.

And if you haven’t experienced the Hard Times Mount Isa Tour, it’s time you get on board to not miss out on this amazing experience.

The tour begins with a special introduction to an ex-Mount Isa miner who will act as your tour guide. Sharing intimate stories of his experience working in the mines, you can learn about the life of a miner back in the day as well as the importance mining had on the industry.

Don on orange overalls with gumboots and hard hats as you prepare yourself to descend into the mine in the Alimak Cage. There, your exploration journey starts as you learn the history of the mines as you walk deeper into its tunnels.

Admire the curves of the tunnels and shapes left by the mucking units and boom drills. Get up close and personal with mining machinery and even get your hands dirty by giving the air-leg drill a go as you feel the earth beneath you rumble with every blast.

It’s not every day you have a go at an air-leg drill, which is why a memory like this will stay with you for a lifetime.

Don’t forget to wear simple, comfortable clothes and bring a pair of socks to get comfy in the gum boots.

Admission costs $85 for adults, $68 for concession, and $50 for children, with family prices and group prices available. The Hard Times Mount Isa Tour runs daily from 9am to 4pm and is closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Good Friday and Boxing Day.

The Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre 

Showcasing fossils found from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, a visit to the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre will keep you out of the heat and under cool air conditioning.

Discover the history of dinosaurs as you learn about Riversleigh’s part in the Australian Fossil Mammal Sites and being one of the most significant fossil deposits in the world (as mentioned by Sir David Attenborough himself).  A visit here will expose you to the unique story of the evolution of Australia’s magnificent beasts.

With its recent renovations and upgrades, the Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre now has plenty of innovative, interactive displays that will engage and entertain. Learn about the stories of Riversleigh in the movie theatre and wander through the spectacular diorama visualising what the ancient world looked like over 25 million years ago. 

You can explore the centre at your own pace with a self-guided tour. Alternatively, book a guided tour that runs every 10am and 2pm on most days, which also includes an exclusive behind the scenes experience in the Riversleigh fossil laboratory.

Self-guided admission costs $25 for adults, $20 for concession and $12 for children. Family prices are available too. Guided tour admissions cost $38 for adults, $30 for concession and $23 for children with family prices available too.

The Riversleigh Fossil Discovery Centre is open Friday 9am to 4pm daily except on major public holidays.

Redearth Boutique Hotel

Seek shelter in the Redearth Boutique Hotel and pamper yourself with cool cocktails and snacks at the Cocktail & Tapas Lounge. Offering a decadent menu that’ll keep your tastebuds tantalised, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling refreshed and cooled from the heat outside.

Head to the Redearth Restaurant for an exceptional dining experience prepared by professionally trained chefs who have curated a decadent menu to explore. From fresh local seafood such as salmon, tuna and calamari to juicy chargrilled eye fillets, crispy pork belly and other delights, there’s something for everyone at the Redearth Restaurant

Banner image credit: Time Magazine