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How to pamper yourself in Mount Isa

How to pamper yourself in Mount Isa
on 25 September 2019 in Local News

Are you looking for a place to battle and extinguish all the blow from your daily routine? Mount Isa is the ideal place to be. 


It doesn't matter if you are yearning for some alone time or want to just have some fun with your friends and family, with plenty of things to see and do, there's plenty of ways to keep everyone happy.


With fabulous shopping, luxurious day spas, highly acclaimed hotels, spectacular nature and some of the region's best restaurants, the long-overdue treatment is never too far away. Let's find out the many ways to pamper yourself and also your loved ones in Mount Isa.


The classic way to pamper yourself is none other than a good spa session. Whether you are looking for a mummy-time massage, a facial to erase the stress off your skin, or a couples massage, Mount Isa certainly isn't lacking in excellent salons. 


Mount Isa is not short of places that would provide all beauty services including waxing, massage, manicures, pedicures and facials that fall within your budget. Sanctum Medi Spa Retreat and the Skin Coaches are just among the popular ones. 


Prepare to be disentangled from your busy schedules as you inhale the light scent of aromatherapy fragrance in a dimmed room, while the therapist work magic to loosen your muscles. Then carry on the pamper party by getting your nails and facial done. 


It is not an overstatement to say that you will walk out looking and feeling more refreshed and youthful than ever with all the energy restored.


As accommodation is a necessary aspect when you travel far away from your home, it is important that you stay at a hotel that truly pampers you, especially during your wild Outback vacation to Mount Isa. 


Not only does good accommodation help you feel rejuvenated enough to explore the city better, but it also serves to enhance the overall experience of travelling. 


Be sure to do some research in advance. Look for hotels with high ratings with a track record for excellent amenities, projecting a clean and relaxing atmosphere, amicable hospitality that greets and serves the guests warmly upon their first arrival until the very moment of departure.


The RedEarth Boutique Hotel located at the heart of Mount Isa is one of the gems in Mount Isa. It is well known for providing excellent quality in service, luxurious comfort and exceptional food while emphasising the pure pleasure of every visitor. With a multitude of accolades and awards tucked under its belt, you will not be disappointed.


Afternoon tea is another excellent way to treat yourself and having an entire spread to yourself is pure joy. Patronise one of the many cafes dotted around at the centre of Mount Isa with great ambience and get yourself a big, warm pot of your favourite tea or coffee. 


Pair it with savoury sandwiches and pies or surrender yourself to sweet desserts like cakes and tart to fully enjoy a cosy and quaint afternoon. A pamper day is not exactly complete without a good movie. 


After the lovely session of tea, move on to Cinema Mount Isa and pick one of the movies in its extensive list ranging from the classics to the latest. Seeing something cinematic blown up big at the large screen is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes and the popcorn is just the perfect compliment. At that moment of darkness in the cinema, let the special space augment all your senses and prime you for an intense and worthwhile experience.


We all know that a full stomach makes for a happy heart. Mount Isa is the one-stop destination for a hearty breakfast, mouthwatering lunch and lavish dinner. You may be surprised to note that Mount Isa is spoilt for choices when it comes to international cuisine. 


Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian, you name it, they have got it! 


If you are chasing for a spicy kick, head over to RedEarth Restaurant which is highly acclaimed especially for its Thai food and curry. For those who need a good slab of juicy smoked goodness, the Rodeo Bar and Grill which delivers mouthwatering steaks that have been cooked at the perfect time and temperature may very well be your answer. 


If you're looking for a good breakfast, the Coffee Club Café serves just the right kind of morning meal to make sure that you start your day with a satisfied stomach.


Pampering yourself does not always equate to spending a lot of money. There are many options in Mount Isa when it comes to rewarding yourself, which is also pocket-friendly. 


Exercising gives your endorphin, and the aftereffect could make you feel as good as a fancy spa. In the afternoon, set out to the nearby Lake Moondarra located at just 16km drive from town and have a good run in the wild being surrounded by nature's beauty. 


Store a few cans of cold beverages beforehand and keep it in a cooler bag so that you get to indulge a little further and admire the beauty of Transport Bay after a good sweat.  


Finish off with a laid back evening in a long hot bath at your hotel when you get to just sit in a tub and relax.


In fact, just wandering around the town itself is a treat as there are plenty of places to keep you fascinated. The Mount Isa City Lookout is a place to be to see the boasting breathtaking view of downtown and Mount Isa Mine during the day. It is even more stunning at night when the whole city is illuminated. 


If your idea of being pampered involves going out and about, then head to the Outback at Isa, Hard Times Mine, Underground Hospital and Museum, Mary Kathleen. These activities ought to keep you preoccupied both mentally and physically with plenty of fun, excitement, and exploration waiting for you.


Mount Isa certainly offers an abundance of choice when it comes to pampering yourself. Whether you crave for serenity or party fun, Mount Isa is the place to walk away from with a satisfied smile on your face.