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Easy Food and Wine Pairing Ideas Everyone Should Know

Easy Food and Wine Pairing Ideas Everyone Should Know
on 08 March 2022 in Food & Drink

If you enjoy wine like the way you enjoy life, there’s no better cause than to explore the best ways to combine food and drink in a flavour explosion that will have your taste buds tingling.

Here are our favourite (and easy) food and wine pairings that you simply must know about.

Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich in fruity flavours and robust with tannins, the cabernet sauvignon draws out the flavours of red meat the likes of steak, lamb, and even venison. Grilled rib eye cuts work amazingly with this wine, or you can even enjoy it paired with a burger for something more casual.

Sauvignon Blanc
The unique grassy yet citrusy aromas and flavours of the sauvignon blanc are very mineral-driven, making it a light and easy drink for social occasions. Given its palette, it’s beautiful with seafood and veggies such as lemon garlic prawns served with some vegetable stir fry or a light cheesy veggie omelette.

Pinot Noir

Drawing the earthy, almost savoury flavours with hints of berry and fruit, pinot noir does well when paired with meals that resemble the earthy flavours such as mushrooms, beef stew, or herb crusted lamb. 

While truth follows with the idea of white wine and fish, be a little adventurous and let your taste buds explore the exquisite flavours of a pinot noir combination with grilled salmon or tuna. 

Pinot Grigio

An easy drink that holds a citrusy profile, pinot grigio plays nicely with light dishes such as zesty seafood entrees and pasta primavera. Experiment your wine with fish tacos, a light salad, prawn cocktails or even fried calamari for a flavourful delight. 


Famously grown in Argentina, Malbec is popularly paired with meat in that part of the world. Its fruity profile makes it enticing when paired with a cherry barbecue sauce slathered over a perfectly grilled rack of ribs. 


For those who enjoy lush red fruity flavours backed by plush texture, merlot is the wine for you. Its silky, supple tannins make this wine irresistible to pair with roasts no matter the type of meat, be it chicken, beef, lamb, pork, duck, or whatever.


Merlot is great for Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas roasts and any other Sunday roasts or barbecues you’re throwing. Enjoy as a classic comfort with foods like mac and cheese, and bask in the easy combinations this wine has to make.


A wine that has a high acidity, it makes perfect sense to pair Chianti with tomatoes and other high acidic foods. Think tomato sauces with fresh herbs over red meats like steak, veal, or meaty mushrooms and portobello burgers. The pairing works wonders to trigger a sensational culinary experience.


Winemakers produce chardonnay differently, with the two main styles being oaked and unoaked. For high acidic chardonnays that have a light body, pair these with crab cakes or oysters, while full bodied oaky chardonnays work better for richer dishes such as pumpkin ravioli, mushrooms or fish in creamy sauces.


Pale pink and light bodied rosés work wonderfully when matched with grilled fish tacos, while medium bodied ones do better when paired with salty, savoury foods like olives and anchovies. Avoid high alcohol rosés with some spicy dishes as these tend to bring out the heat in your dish.


Like Chardonnay, Riesling varies in styles as a result of the wine making process adopted by the maker. Its high acidity makes it a great wine to pair with food. Dry riesling works well with sushi too chicken and pork, while off-dry varieties are amazing at taming the spice from spicy dishes like the spices found in Thai food.


A magnificent dessert wine, port pairs heavenly with chocolate thanks to its dark berry fruits, rich and full-bodied texture. Serve this beauty with a slice of chocolate strawberry cake and vanilla ice cream and call it a night.

For those who prefer a savoury end to the night, pair your port with a cheese board and some grapes to cleanse your tastebuds. Port tends to bring out the shape flavours of matured cheese.

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