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Why You Need to Travel to Outback Queensland

Why You Need to Travel to Outback Queensland
on 01 January 2020 in Travel & Lifestyle


For the explorer at heart, a need to travel to Outback Queensland is a must. Adventure is waiting at your doorstep. Rich historical lessons are yearning to be learnt. And a magical exploration that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world is anticipating your discovery.

No matter the journey you ventured to get here, by road, rail or air, it’s time to find out why a journey to Outback Queensland should not be missed out in 2020.

Celebrate good times with the Qantas Founders Museum

Introducing a shining and bright display in 2020, the Qantas Founders Museum is set to launch project Luminescent Longreach. A sound and light show that will project the in-depth history of Qantas, take this opportunity to learn about the fuselage of the Qantas fleet.

Launching in May, your presence will be just in time for the centenary celebrations of Qantas. Enjoy your time adoring the infrastructure under the newly installed roof, which protects the planes while ensuring that you are in ultimate comfort and safety away from the outback heat. Talk about a great place to visit year round, Qantas is definitely making the Luminescent Longreach a big one!

The Outback Stockman

Renowned as Stockman’s Hall of Fame, the Outback Stockman is set to unveil a shocking $15 million redevelopment this coming April 2020. One of the improvements includes a brand new cinematic experience that will bring your to a new playing field.

Guided by Hugh, and no it, unfortunately, isn’t Jackman, step into a visual journey through history, as you retrace the footsteps of the Australian stockmen and women. Put your shoes in their shoes and live in their footsteps for a change.

A brilliant experience to complement existing Stockman live shows, it is an experience that should not be passed up. Finally, learn the hardships of the history that has helped shape Australia to become the country it is today.

Reach new heights

If you’re looking for astonishing architectural firsts, the Cobbold Gorge Bridge will be all the reason you need to explore Outback Queensland. Assuming the award of becoming Australia’s first glass bridge, the Cobbold Gorge Bridge spans the entire width of the gorge, making up over 11 metres of glass bridge across several depths of the gorge’s sandstone cliff terrains. 

Leave your anxiety at home, as this is an experience you will want to take charge of. 

The Aussie Big Rig

The year 2020 is set for the grand opening of The Bigger Big Rig Observation Tower in Roma – known for its oil and gas activities. 

The observation tower is set to be 30 metres tall, and the tree walk will be 150 metres comprising of visual displays. Thrill-seekers will be glad to know that there is talk of a possible zip line being built too! 

A spectacular outdoor adventure 

For those who assumed that the Aussie Outback was just filled with red earth desert plains, you are certainly misinformed.

It’s time to venture into a water oasis this 2020 as the Hunghenden’s recreational lake precinct will open your eyes to blue magnificence amidst Outback Queensland. With over 22 hectares committed to the lake precinct development (visually imagine 35 football fields packed next to each other), the precinct will host a 500 metre rowing course, a figure 8 water skiing rink, slalom circuits, boat ramp access, and a shaded sandy beach among the public recreational facilities such as shades, sails, barbecue pits, grassy parklands, kids play zones, and so much more. 

For those who are looking for things to do in Outback Queensland this 2020, a visit to Hughenden Lake is simply a must. 

The overwhelm of event after event

One of the greatest things about Outback Queensland is in the number of growing attractions that are fueled with passion and decent funding.

With the enthusiasm to make the year 2020 a big one of Outback Australia, the calendar is jam-packed full of fascinating Outback events that you won’t want to miss.

For example, the Outback Queensland Golf Masters are returning in 2020, giving you the chance to win a million-dollar hole in one. And don’t forget, the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust, the Birdsville Big Red Bash, and the absolutely famous Mount Isa Rodeo.

Elaborating on the latter, the Mount Isa Rodeo is probably the most iconic rodeo event in all of Australia. Opening your eyes to culture and fun (including amazing fireworks), a visit to Mount Isa is an absolute must for those interested in learning about Outback Queensland culture. The celebrations often go on for four days, and the main rodeo competition includes bull riding, steer wrestling, roping, saddle bronc and bareback, breakaway roping, and ladies barrel racing. Plenty of food stalls, music concerts, colourful floats, and so much more entertainment awaits you. 

In Mount Isa, the Festival of Outback Opera will also be launching in 2020, giving you more reason to go. 

When you stop by Mount Isa to indulge in the amazing Outback Queensland activities, take advantage of this opportunity to be spoilt with one of the best experiences of hotel accommodation ever. The RedEarth Boutique Hotel is situated right in the heart of town, making it easy to access all main attractions, including the Mount Isa Rodeo. 

The Redearth Boutique Hotel features some of the most amazing dining establishments such as the Redearth Restaurant, known for its exquisite Thai flavours, and the renowned Rodeo Bar & Grill that serves the juiciest steaks in town. Both restaurants have raving reviews from patrons from all over the world and have been compared to an international standard. 

And with impeccable customer service that is ready to make your stay in Mount Isa the best in all Outback Queensland, you can rest easy knowing that luxury and comfort awaits you. 

Overall, a visit to Outback Queensland is an absolute eye-opener and a worthy adventure that will be remembered. The area is packed with cultural attractions, magnificent natural beauty, tale-telling museums, and so much more. 

From camel racing to meeting quirky Outback characters, to fossicking and walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs, to learning how to rodeo and sleeping under a blanket of stars, welcome to Outback Queensland. 

Image credit: ABC