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Choosing the Perfect Cocktail for Any Special Occasion

Choosing the Perfect Cocktail for Any Special Occasion
on 01 February 2020 in Food & Drink

Anticipating a special occasion that is coming up? Perhaps it’s Valentine’s Day, which is just around the corner. Or maybe a birthday or anniversary for that special someone? 

And perhaps you have been dreaming about creating the perfect cocktail to complement that special day? Well, look no further as we have deduced the secret behind choosing the perfect cocktail for any special occasion.

Fact is, matching cocktails to the food and event doesn’t just excite your tastebuds, but also enhances the mood and ambience into a whole new world of extravagant pairings. 


The Casual Event

With summer at its peak, the days are definitely warmer, and the lure of outdoor cooking becomes stronger. If you decide to host a casual alfresco get together that is low key yet entertaining, it’s time to learn a thing or two about serving cocktails.

The welcome cocktail is all about setting a casual tone of elegance. A simple serving of chips and dip, light crudités paired with a classic PIMM’s cocktail will do the trick. 

For the main meal, it’s time to flush out some fancy summer fruit flavours such as pomegranate or raspberry to complement the barbecued meats.

After the main course, unwind with a gorgeous mint julep that works wonders as a lazy afternoon cocktail or for watching the sunset. Plenty of mint, and you have yourself perfection.


A Sit Down Dinner Party

Great dinner parties typically don’t involve expensive champagne or wine. The underlying reason behind an amazing event is the decadent food and drinks that work well together, combined with the relaxing, friendly vibe.

Crowd pleasing classic cocktails are what you should be aiming for to ease the occasion to success. 

To begin, whip together a welcome cocktail of vodka and apple punch. Complement this with foods that work well with fresh fruit flavours such as apple, lemon, and cucumber. Ideas for excellent appetisers include prawn cocktails and smoked salmon tartlets. 

During the meal, approach your match by assessing how complex the flavours of the main course is. The more complex the flavour, the lighter and simpler your cocktail should be. A good example of a simple cocktail is the Cuba Libre which works wonders to complement heavy meals or exotic menus such as spicy seafood or pulled pork. 

After the meal, work with a complex tasting cocktail such as a Bundaberg Rum Blenders Edition for its spicy aromas to work amazingly with desserts such as chocolate pudding. Alternatively, combine the dessert and cocktail as one, such as a rum affogato. 


The Classic Cocktail Combo with Canapés

Beyond inviting the right crowd for an amazing time, you will need to ensure that there is enough food and drink for everyone. This also means that you’ll have to make cocktails that work amazingly with the flavours of the food being served. 

Hand your guests a welcome cocktail of PIMM’s Royale, which is a combination of PIMM’s and chilled champagne. Serve a platter of crostini, strawberries and goat cheese to pair nicely with the welcome cocktail.

If serving a classic cheese platter for your special occasion, work a malt whisky cocktail for optimal enjoyment. Add Stilton to savoury biscuit dough to pair with the flavours of the whisky, or some jaffles and blue cheese. Alternatively, a salted maple old fashion will give a unique twist, just be sure to use real maple syrup and not a cheap replacement. 

Once the mood slows down, and the guests decide to bring the party indoors, it’s time to bring out the Baileys. Combine this Irish cream and coffee together with some chocolate, followed by some truffles or homemade rocky road for a decadent finish. 


First Date Cocktails

If you want to impress that special someone, nothing screams class like a martini. It’s elegant, flirty, sophisticated, and sometimes dirty, which makes it the perfect cocktail to sip throughout your first date. 

Martinis aren’t a great drink to down fast, so you’ll need to switch it up to a cocktail that you can drink with a straw should you feel like the date isn’t going so well. To make a good martini, prep yourself with some quality gin, vermouth, lemon peel, and olives to garnish. 


Cocktails for Weddings 

Dressed to impress in black tie formal, mojitos are the perfect cocktail for a celebratory day. They’re classic, refreshing, and suit the mood no matter what time of day. All you need is white rum, lime juice, soda water, sugar, and mint leaves to garnish. 


Vacation time Cocktails for Everyone

If you want to feel like you’re on holiday, there’s no better cocktail to indulge in than a margarita. Whether you’re out basking in the sun, sitting by the beach, or simply just out to dinner after a day of relaxation, margaritas are great all day and night. Simply add tequila, triple sec, lime juice and some salt to garnish around the rim of the glass. 


Leave it to the Professional Cocktail Makers!

Instead of trying to experiment with your cocktail creations for a special occasion you do not want to mess up, why not leave the cocktail magic to the professionals? 

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