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Redearth Food & Wine Festival Conditions of Entry

Redearth Food & Wine Festival Conditions of Entry

As the festival organiser, we take our responsibility to create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone seriously. Anti-social behaviour will not be accepted. To ensure we succeed at presenting the quality festival you have come to expect, we have written these terms and conditions.

RedEarth Food & Wine Festival is a ticketed event that runs over one afternoon. Each ticket provides the holder of that ticket (you) with a conditional license for admission to the festival. 

Firstly, ‘you’ and ‘your’ refers to the customer. ‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘Festival’ and ‘Festival organiser’ refers to RedEarth Food & Wine Festival , its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorised persons. ‘This agreement’ means these terms & conditions and any other conditions specified by us on our website, booking forms or other communications.

To maintain order and safety, and to encourage all patrons’ enjoyment of the RedEarth Food & Wine Festival, we advise to follow any directions given by staff or RedEarth Food & Wine Festival Representatives.  

RedEarth Food & Wine Festival reserve the right to refuse you entry to, or remove you from the RedEarth Food & Wine Festival (and cancal or confiscate your ticket) or take other action RedEarth Food & Wine Festival considers appropriate, for the safety and comfort of other patrons and staff.

To enter the Festival site you must have a valid photo ID as proof of age. In Queensland, the Liquor Act 1992 defines five types of ID which are acceptable evidence of age. The ID document must be current and include a photo of you and your date of birth. These are: an adult proof of age card, arecognised proof of age card (eg Keypass identity card), Australian driver licence or rider permit, passport (from any country), foreign driver licence – Note: Where a foreign driver licence is not written in English, an international driver permit issued in the foreign country of origin (and including a photo of the licence holder and translation) should be presented with the foreign driver licence. The entire Festival site is one licensed area where the Liquor Act 1992 applies. Only alcohol purchased from outlets at the festival may be consumed on site. BYO alcohol is not permitted and will be confiscated. Any patron wishing to consume alcohol must have valid photo ID as defined in these terms & conditions. Supplying alcohol to a minor is an offence and you will be referred to police.

By purchasing a ticket to the RedEarth Food & Wine Festival, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information by RedEarth Food & Wine Festival as per our privacy policy. 

You also consent to being photographed, filmed and recorded at the RedEarth Food & Wine Festival. You also consent to the use of any film, image or recording of you at the RedEarth Food & Wine Festival without compensation or further notice.