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Your Guide to the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic 

Your Guide to the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic 
on 01 October 2019 in Events & Entertainment

A must do for any fishing enthusiast, the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic is an event not to be missed.

With the Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group known to stock the lake frequently, Lake Moondarra is home to over 20 different freshwater species from barramundi to cod, to saratoga and archerfish. A satisfying catch awaits you at the lake. 

This year’s coordinator has anticipated a good season for fishing given the climate getting warmer and the fish getting hungrier. Anyone who throws in a line are sure to get lucky this year round. 

Not only is the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic big fun for participants, but friends, family and all outdoor enthusiasts who love a great time should tag along. 

Happening in Blackrock Park between the magnificent red rocky hills of the Selwyn Ranges, you are surrounded by the most picturesque views promising breathtaking atmosphere that will tie you in close to Mother Nature. The Fishing Classic is run by the Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group and has grown tremendously from humble beginnings back in 1999. 

Spanning over three days, the event holds the title of “Queensland richest freshwater fishing competition” with thousands of competitors and attendees flooding to Lake Moondarra every year to be a part of something special. 

Needless to say, it’s time to mark your calendars this October! 

What is there to do at the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic?

Showing off the event in style, the entertainment is lined up for both on shore and off shore fun comparable to major fishing tournaments. The Mount Isa Fish Stocking Group prides themselves in providing quality entertainment for everyone and living up to a long-time slogan that “Fishing is just the beginning!”

Expect lots of food and activities to fill your day with laughter and belly with joy. Burger stands, cool drinks by the bar, watermelon refreshers and lemonade, ice creams and sundaes, and don’t forget freshly caught fish and chips, you won’t be hungry here. 

From yabby races to spike up some thrills to casting competitions that are more in line with the fishing activities. Other water activities include swimming, kayaking, canoeing, and DIY dragon boat regattas for you to bring your A game to the water.

Beyond getting your hands wet (pun intended), you can always stand grounded and participate in the beach volleyball competition, hiking expeditions or simply wander around the trade exhibits to see what’s happening in the innovative world of today. 

If you’re just hoping to sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment in front of you, wait till night falls for a fireworks spectacular. And if you simply can’t wait and need the entertainment during daylight, stay for the amazing live music from a good line up of local bands. 

What can you win at the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic?

Lake Moondarra is home to a wide array of fishes including the catfish, barramundi, sleepy code, sooty gunter, longtom and perch.

There are several competitions to take part in, such as the heaviest barramundi competition, and nominated competitors stand a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes, trophies and cash. Past prizes have included a boat and fishing package in recent years.

There are 20 categories, including juniors and seniors, as well as mystery weights. 

If you’re super lucky and manage to snag the infamous tagged barramundi, a whopping cash prize of $50,000 is all yours!

How much does the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic cost?

To take part in the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic, you will need to pay a small nomination fee of $50 for senior categories and $15 for juniors.

The money goes to a good cause and helps raise funds to keep the tradition alive for future events. As part of the fee, you are also allowed to complimentarily camp at the designated areas of the Lake. 

With amazing shaded views, picnic spaces, shower facilities, picturesque lookouts and grassy park areas, the small fee to participate becomes insignificant when compared to having a blast with friends and family. 

How do I take part in the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic?

Nominations to participate in the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic opens a week before the competition. You will need to contact the locals of Tool n Tackle or Outback at Isa to put in your nomination. 

Otherwise, visit the nomination tent at Lake Moondarra. Nominations can be placed until the close of fishing on the event.

How to get to Lake Moondarra and Mount Isa?

With Lake Moondarra being only 15 kilometres away from Mount Isa, the latter is the closest town to the Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic.

Mount Isa is the most famous mining town in all of Queensland and is 200 kilometres from the Northern Territory border, 1,830 kilometres from Brisbane and 880 kilometres from Townsville.

You could always catch direct flights with the Mount Isa airport being only 9 kilometres away from the centre of town. Qantas Airlines frequently fly to Mount Isa from Cairns, Brisbane, and many other main cities. 

For those who are looking for more traditional forms of transport, you will be glad to know that bus, coach and train or rail services are available in and out of Mount Isa. The Greyhound bus service should be your go-to for bus or coach services, and the Queensland heavy rail comes convenient with several connections to many destinations along East Queensland, 

Where to stay in Mount Isa

If you’re not big on camping, don’t hesitate to set up accommodation at Mount Isa! After all, a hard day’s work under the sun ought to be complemented with a luxurious night in air conditioned enjoyment where you can rest and put your feet up in comfort.

In Mount Isa, your options for first class accommodations come plenty. With many to choose from, one of the most noteworthy luxury accommodations that springs to mind is the Redearth Boutique Hotel.

Lavish decorations followed by exceptional customer service, making you feel welcomed, not many other hotels are able to live up to the experience. At the Redearth Boutique Hotel, it’s not just about renting a room for the night, but rather experiencing the best of what Mount Isa has to offer. 

The strategic location of the Redearth Boutique Hotel puts you right at the doorstep of the city centre, bringing you close to all of Mount Isa’s top attractions.

But the experience doesn’t just stop there. Being home to one of Mount Isa’s most popular eateries, the Rodeo Bar& Grill, you have at your disposal the best steaks in town.