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7 Tips to Enhance Your Mount Isa Rodeo Adventure

7 Tips to Enhance Your Mount Isa Rodeo Adventure
on 10 July 2019 in Local News

Mount Isa Rodeo is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year from 8th to 11th August 2019. Whether you are one of the many enthusiastic rodeo goers who find themselves returning to the city for the annual event to recreate the wonderful experience or one of the first-time goers whose excitement is pumped by the unexpected and curiosity, having a good time is all that matters. We’re here to help provide you with a few tips on how to enhance your experience this year at the Mount Isa Rodeo and maximise your fun!


1.       Plan ahead

Preparation is everything. Contrary to a last-minute trip, planning a vacation especially to a destination which you have set your heart on ensures that you have the upper hand on accommodation, transportation, and even the event ticket that fit your budget. During festival season like the up and coming Mount Isa Rodeo, it is very usual for accommodation and festival camping to be fully booked a few months in advance.


When visiting Mount Isa, don’t forget to include in your travelling itinerary the must-see destinations in Mount Isa. Amongst the top in the list of historical places to visit is the famous Mount Isa mines with the under and aboveground tours at the Hard Times Mine being the most popular one as it takes visitors to experience what it’s like to be a working miner. 


Also in the list are Isa Experience Gallery that showcases Mount Isa’s indigenous, pioneering and mining heritage and Mount Isa Underground Hospital & Museum that carries enormous historical value as it served as a large air-raid shelter during World War II and the bombing of Darwin. 


If you are fond of nature, then you should not miss a relaxing fishing activity at Lake Moondarra located just 15km north of the city, soaking in the wild nature unpolluted by the modern world in Boodjamulla National Park that offers around 20km of walking tracks or cherishing the warmth of the sun while it slowly set behind the raw beauty of the elevated grasslands landscape at Barkly Tableland. 


Whatever your preference is, Mount Isa has plenty to offer. Just make sure to plan ahead and prepare a travel itinerary to Mount Isa now to save on cost and time.


2.       Good accommodation

It is undeniable that the role of accommodation influences your holiday trip in many aspects. A well-located hotel helps the tourists to explore the city in a better way and a customer-oriented accommodation sure enhances the overall satisfaction of travelling. There is a range of accommodation types you can choose from in Mount Isa. However, the one that truly stands out is the Redearth Boutique Hotel that is located just a stone throw away from the Rodeo Arena. With its convenient surrounding amenities, helpful staff and top-notch comfort, you are bound to feel refreshed after your long stretch of fun and adventure at the Mount Isa Rodeo.


3.       Packing tips

You will be out and about for almost throughout the event. Thankfully the cowboy attire is relatively comfortable. So invest wisely on the leather and jeans outfit and bring along something warm to shield you from the chill when the wind comes. Other essentials such as medication, tent, sleeping bag, ID, money are also in the must-bring list.


4.       H2O

This is one of the most important rodeo tips. Many rodeo rookies are so overwhelmed by the atmosphere of their first rodeo event and concert that they forget to replenish their body. This is particularly dangerous when mixing the man and beast sports with dancing. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least a water bottle every hour. If you are truly forgetful, set an alarm on your phone at an hourly interval to remind you of the hydration task. Bringing your own reusable water bottle is a good idea to reduce waste.


5.       Set a meeting point for you and your friends

It is easy to lose track of your friend in a popular event.  “entrance to the merchandise shop” or “first stall in the food outlet” or “bar cashier” are just some of the examples of unique physical areas that you and your friends should agree on should you all get separated by the crowd


6.       Save your phone battery

Don’t let the event turn into a nightmare when you lose your group of friends just to also discover that your phone battery is flat. Turn off your wi-fi, Bluetooth, data, reduce your brightness, close all your background apps and set your phone to battery saving mode to boost your battery life. Meanwhile, enjoy the music and ambience and not be fixated at the small screen of your phone all day. If you really want to make sure your phone has the battery, bring along a power bank as a backup.


7.       Leave early for the Mount Isa Rodeo

If you are staying at a hotel instead of camping, you may want to make an effort to leave early for the festival to avoid the masses and soak in the ambience around you. With past attendance soaring high, you might be faced with elbow-to-elbow situations that might hustle a fair bit of sweat if you’re wandering around at peak hour hoping to complete everything on your to-do list.


For those who prefer to spend their time on other activities before the Mt Isa Rodeo or those who enjoy taking things at a leisurely laid back pace, the Redearth Boutique Hotel is an excellent choice as the lush hotel is strategically located at just 1.8km away from the Rodeo Grounds at Buchanan Park which means that it takes only 20 minutes to walk there or 4 minutes to drive.


Last but not least, don’t forget your Mt Isa Rodeo ticket. Mount Isa is a welcoming city as it is always ready to greet visitors and eager to share its culture and history. With the great transport network connecting to the city via air, rail and road, Mount Isa is literally on your doorstep.