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8 Gorgeous Australian Flowers to Gift Your Partner

8 Gorgeous Australian Flowers to Gift Your Partner
on 01 January 2020 in General News


Not many things in this world display a strong sense of love and affection than a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. With a beauty that stands out for weeks to come, and a colourful life that inspires all who sets eyes upon it, flowers make for a magnificent gift to your partner. 

With so many gorgeous Australian flowers that will perfectly pair with your feelings for your partner, we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of the most popular ones in Australia.

1. Desert Flame


Image credit: Dave's Garden

Scientifically known as chrysocephalum apiculatum, the desert flame impresses with its blaze of golden, yellow flowers and silvery, grey foliage. The colours that it brings will astound you. 

It’s a perennial Australian native flower which gives it the added advantage of being a hardy plant requiring low maintenance. For those looking to put this baby in your garden, you’ll be pleased to know that the Desert Flame does extremely well as a ground cover plant growing no more than 30 centimetres tall. Preferring temperate climates, this plant grows best in full sun or part shade with flexibility on most soil types. 


2. Grevillea


Image credit: Burringbah Rainforest Nursery

A fuss-free, native shrub that flowers profusely throughout the year, the grevillea grows all over Australia and comes in all sizes. 

From ground covers to mid-sized shrubs, and even tall screening plants, the grevillea is very versatile and beautiful. Its flowers are magnificent with a sweetness that is irresistible to native birds and other creatures. So, if your partner adores watching beautifully coloured birds come by your garden for a quick bite, a grevillea will be the perfect gift for them. 

To thrive, the grevillea needs well-drained soils and plenty of sun. Keep it sheltered from strong winds and provide full sun where possible. 


3. Kangaroo paw


Image credit: Gardening with Angus

Also known as anigozanthos, the kangaroo paw is an absolute stunner when in bloom. Always evergreen year round, this plant is attractive for its low maintenance and high impact.

The kangaroo paw is the state flower of Western Australia thanks to its magnificent beauty and elegance. With strap-like leaves and tube-like flowers, kangaroo paws one in a bunch of designs from single colours to even tri-coloured forms that are pink, red, yellow, orange, green, and off-white.

To prepare yourself for this plant, set your soil to slightly acidic and provide good drainage and full sun for optimal growth and extravagance. 


4. Canberra Bells


Image credit: Gardening with Angus

The Correa Canberra Bells is known for its red and cream bell-shaped flowers that bloom throughout autumn. These extravagant flowers sit very strikingly on a compact shrub that grows no more than a metre tall. 

What makes the Canberra Bells a great gift for even those without a green thumb is in the plant’s hardiness. It does extremely well in drought and has often been referred to as native fuchsias. So, if you’re looking for reliability that you can count on for flowering in autumn, this is the plant to go to.

Working wonderfully when placed in a mixed garden bed or even as a low growing hedge, the Canberra Bells only need light pruning after flowering to maintain its neat, compact shape. Growing well in almost all types of soil, the plant is versatile in both shade or full sun. Just ensure that there is good drainage and protection from the wind and you will be all set for a healthy beauty this autumn. 


5. Pink rock lily 


Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens 

Also known as Dendrobium Kingianum, the pink rock lily is an Australian native plant with an easy grow thanks to its durability. Producing beautifully delicate flowers that range from a pure white tone through to more vibrant purples and pinks, it’s a beautiful plant to gift for that special someone.

What makes the Dendrobium stand out from the crowd is in the different species within the genus. While the pink rock lily dendrobium is subtle and delicate, the other end of the spectrum reveals a more robust and striking Cooktown orchid with round, long lasting flowers. There are many more varieties of plants in this genus, too. 

Nevertheless, all dendrobiums share an affinity for light and will require shelter from the midday sun. Tropical dendrobium species will take better to warmer conditions that are humid over those that are temperate. 

In the hotter months, aim to feed a quarter strength of fertiliser weekly to ensure a robust and healthy growth. As the weather starts to cool down, watering and fertilising can ease down. Generally speaking, the Australian dendrobium will do well on rock faces or tree branches under filtered light. 


6. Aussie Box 


Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens 

Also known as Westringia, the Aussie Box has become an increasingly popular shrub which makes a nice low hedge. At maximum growth, the shrub is around 60 centimetres by 60 centimetres. It’s a drought hardy plant that produces small, quaint mauve flowers sporadically throughout the year. 

Preference is made for full sun exposure that goes no further than light shade. The Aussie Box is flexible and suits most types of soil and is a highly durable plant that tolerates both drought and frost. 


7. Lilly pilly


Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens 

Colloquially known as the Aussie cherry, the Lilly pilly is an evergreen plant with glossy green leaves that blossoms fragrant white flowers. Once the flowering period is over, edible red or purple fruits are produced. 

With a dense bush formation, the Lilly pilly is popular as a hedge, and with an easy trim, you can easily shape it to your liking. For optimal growth, fertile and well-draining soil works best with this plant. 


8. Australian Bottlebrush


Image credit: Green and Vibrant

Named after its iconic look, the bottlebrush boasts vibrant, red flowers that resemble a bottlebrush. One of the most attractive features is how the bottlebrush comes in all shapes and sizes, thus making it suitable in just about any garden – all you have to do is find one that is a fit for you.

One of the hardiest plants in Australia, bottle brushes are low maintenance with the versatility to even do well in damp conditions. Bloom time comes early spring and with a bottlebrush in your garden, be prepared for plenty of birds and lovely melodies that follow. 


Going beyond the flowers

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