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Handcrafted Gifts to Impress Your Loved Ones With

Handcrafted Gifts to Impress Your Loved Ones With
on 01 December 2019 in General News


As each year passes by, it can become more and more challenging to find the right gift for that special someone. Not only do you want them to genuinely like it, there’s also the challenge of having it stand out enough for them to remember you for giving it to them.

We’re here to help you this Christmas with this list of gifts that will impress your loved ones with. 


Handcrafted gifts

When it comes to giving a unique gift that will be remembered and appreciated, a handcrafted gift is one of the best ways to tell that special someone how important you are to them through personalisation. 

There’s just something about a handcrafted gift that makes it more meaningful than a generic store bought gift that is made in the masses. The sense of hard work and sweat that was poured into its creation is often more appreciated by the receiver throughout their years cherishing your gift.


Arts on Alma

Arts on Alma is a pottery and art studio which features a gift shop as well. Works that are created by local artists mean that a purchase doesn’t just support the arts community in Mount Isa, but also contribute to bringing home a unique, handcrafted gift to call your own.

With many patrons taking hats off to the amazing artwork and creations found here, a walk into the Arts on Alma gift shop will surely amaze any art lover. Needless to say, you won’t be coming home empty handed here.


Outback at Isa

If you’re looking for something with more flair for Aboriginal art, a stopover at Outback at Isa will do the trick. There are plenty of unique, handcrafted gifts of all types – think shirts, mugs, bags, hats, and pretty much everything else under the sun. The gift shop is open on Wednesdays from 9am to noon and Saturdays at 9am to 1pm. You can also arrange an appointment to visit the gift shop outside of those hours by calling 0411 475 072.

Bunny Bubs

With over 8 years in operation, Leanne Klowss of Bunny Bubs is renowned for handmade, stunning, locally made baby and toddler clothes and outfits. You can find Bunny Bubs in local markets, local BSS pages, and the Baby Shack on Simpson Street. 

If you can’t catch Bunny Bubs in person, you could always pop online to the BigCartel store featuring Bunny Bubs’ goodies delivered to you. 


Handmade by Sara Rosetta

If you’re looking for something more personal, soft, and fluffy, you simply have to check out Handmade by Sara Rosetta. With creations that are styled as gorgeous compliments to any room, child or adult, these beauties are made with quality that will last for generations.

Each handcrafted doll is made with love, and as magic has it, a unique personality is embedded upon the doll. Due to the uniqueness and heartfelt effort poured into its making, no two dolls are ever alike. Talk about a unique handcrafted gift for your loved one! Explore Sara Rosetta’s handmade collection on her Etsy shop and pick one up at Mount Isa yourself. 


Ashlee Rose Bath and Body

A recent addition to Mount Isa’s artisans, Ashlee Rose Bath and Body boasts decadent handmade soap bars, bath bombs and body scrubs that have been an absolute hit all over town. 

Using local ingredients, not only do you support local artists, but also local sources too. Find these awesome handcrafted creations at the Mount Isa Community Markets for a greater range, or head to Xtra Mile for a few select items that are being stocked.

If you’d like to make things a bit more personal, you can get in touch with the Ashlee Rose team on Facebook for a custom order for your loved one. 


Marj R. Arts

Marj R. Arts is owned by Marjorie Renouf, a local Mount Isa resident. Featuring many of her beautiful art pieces, Marjorie specialises (and excels) in ceramic, pottery and painting.

Completely self-taught, Marjorie flairs with creativity and advocates passionately about the exploration with different mediums and materials to create art. Continually experimenting with new techniques and methods, her art is often seen as cutting edge and unique m.

From pieces that feature original fluid acrylic paint flow with resin on different mediums and materials, each piece created by Marjorie is a one of a kind. If you are genuinely looking for something handcrafted that will impress your loved one, to be cherished for many years to come, a gift from Marj R. Arts will amaze. 

For a more custom design to suit specific colours and combination desires, get in touch with Marj R. Arts. Do note that as each custom creation is made to order, the process can take up to 6 weeks to complete as the unique techniques require precision to create and time to set.

A perfect handcrafted gift for all occasions and celebrations, you can always gift a Marj R. Arts gift for a wedding, engagement, birthday, Christmas, or whatever special event coming up.

Find Marj R. Arts on Facebook and at the local Mount Isa Community Markets. 


Do it Yourself this Christmas

Instead of buying a gift, why not make it? 

Have you ever thought of making your own pottery for that special someone? 

Arts on Alma provide pottery classes for anyone who is interested in creating a masterpiece to bring home. You don’t have to be good with your hands to create something good. Best of all, you’ll have a professional, world-class pottery master looking over your shoulder at all times during the class. 

Create something unique and personal for your loved one that truly comes from the heart. With all the sweat and love poured into your pottery creation, it will surely be appreciated. 


The RedEarth Boutique Hotel

Where materialistic goods won’t make the cut to impress your loved one, there’s nothing better to impress than an indulgent escape package that promises to spoil them like no other. 

At the RedEarth Boutique Hotel, you could create a luxury experience with the Indulgence Escape Package. Spoil your loved one with style as they retreat to a night of luxury in a King Spa Suite with a bottle of sparkling wine waiting. Heart shaped chocolates, a welcome platter, comprehensive spa and bath packs, lush bath robes, late checkouts, and a whole lot of conveniences at your doorstep await you and your loved one. 

It’s time to impress with the best. And there isn’t anything better than to give a gift of luxurious experience at the RedEarth Boutique Hotel in Mount Isa.